ciężarówka na autostradzieUsługi Transportowe Zarzecki - special overdimensional and standard transport!

We own a fleet of lorries and articulated vehicles with trailers adjusted to carry various cargo. In our offer there are standard trailers - under tarpaulin or open as well asspecialist trailers extendable in lenght and width such as: FLAT TELE, SEMI OR LOW BED with removable floor.

Nowadays vast majority of performed services are theoverload and oversized transports, which are escorted by our own cars or in cooperation with professional escorting companies. In order to meet the grade we continue modernizing our fllet, expand the range of our activity in Europe and do our best to improve the quality of our services. Development of our services and technology allows us to reduce the negative impact on the environment and adjust better to regulations associated with traffic and drivers' work time.

Our offer includes comprehensive logistic solutions, particularly::

  • transport of standard cargos, transport of overload and oversized cargos, eg.:
  • steel constructions,
  • bridge spans,
  • concrete plates,
  • steel plates,
  • cranes,
  • containers and canisters,
  • turbines and engines,
  • elements of wind Power stations,
  • machines and equipment for building, agriculture and industry,
  • boats and planes,
  • armoured vehicles,
  • many many others...
  • professional oversized pilotage,
  • liability insurance,
  • route valuations and reconnaissance,
  • permissions for oversized loads,
  • organisation of Police assistance and escort
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