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We have been acting on the Polish market since 1988

It is more than 20 years that we provide transportation services using our own fleet. We started in November 1988 with two dumpers doing services for craftsmen and small enterprises. In 1992 we made a step forward buying our first articulated vehicle and trailer for transportation of loads extending 12 meters in length. As we accomplished following orders we were able to modernize and expand our fleet - at first we invested mainly in TIR-standard trailers followed by trailers adapted to specialist transport of long loads. In the late 90's we started overdimensional transport, having enriched our fleet in our first extendable trailer with turned axles.

In 1996 we purchased a parcel for fleet base where we are located up untill today. Nowadays we provide services in standard and overdimensional transport in Poland as well as in western and central European countries. Due to the fact that the modernization of our fleet is coupled with technological development of road transportation we are able to carry loads up to 60 tons and 45 meters in lenght and thanks to our partners we can organize overdimensional transport of any kind.

Over 20 years of experience on the haulage market confirm reliability and professionality of the company from its very beginning. Thanks to these features we enjoy recognition of our clients and for them we gradually and systematically modernize our fleet and improve the quality of the services we provide.

Some of our transports:



  • oversized steell construction of Złote Tarasy (Golden) Shopping Centre in Warsaw and The BLOB in Eindhoven, The Netherlands,,
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  • oversized construction of the II Airport Terminal Warszawa - Okęcie


  • oversized construction of many factories and shopping centers in Poland (LG, Opel - Gliwice, Marko, Mokate, etc.),
  • wings of wind power stations,,
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  • construction units of Olympic Bridge in London,,
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  • construction units of the canopy of Silesian Stadium in Chorzów
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  • large parts of mining machines from the company Zamet Machine and Zamet Industry
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